Chill-Its® 12661

Chill-Its® 12661 6602MF Evaporative Cooling Towel, 41 x 9.84 in, Orange, Microfiber

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The Chill-Its® 6602MF Microfiber cooling towel is made with a soft and absorbent material that is easy to activate and comfortable to wear all day long for both cooling relief and UV protection. Made with UPF 50 protection, the microfiber material is chemical-free and stays soft and flexible, wet or dry. Designed to create a feeling colder than ambient air temperature and absorb and hold more water than other cooling towels on the market for a longer-lasting cooling. This neck cooling wrap can be used for hours or for quick relief and is completely reusable, just re-wet to activate. Run the microfiber towel under water for one minute or until saturated, wring out excess water and twirl in the air for no drip cooling. Drape towel around neck or head for instant cooling. In extreme heat, keep the towel wet for optimal cooling. Before storing, examine the product for dirt and debris. If soiled, machine wash then store in plastic tubing container for safekeeping. This evaporative towel is the perfect cooling headwear for anyone working in the heat and exposed to possible heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat strokes or heat exhaustion are possible. Great for workers in construction, carpentry, mining, landscaping or for outdoor activities like camping, yoga, baseball, softball, soccer, running, biking, days at the beach or on a boat, golf, yard work, fishing, gardening, hiking, riding motorcycles and more.

Chill-Its® Cooling Towel, Evaporative, Series: 6602MF, 41 x 9.84 in, Orange, Microfiber, Solid Pattern, 1 min Soaking

Pattern      :      Solid
Series      :      6602MF
Soaking Time      :      1 min
Type      :      Evaporative
Size      :      41 x 9.84 in
Color      :      Orange
Material      :      Microfiber
  • Non-toxic and chemical free
  • Machine washable
  • Super evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air
  • Microfiber material soft and absorbent
  • 2-sided color, gray on reverse for all colors
  • UPF 50 for protection against harmful UV rays
  • Microfiber cooling towel - dampen towel to activate cooling or use to wipe your brow