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Kitting is a useful fulfillment service we offer to give clients the convenience of pre-packaged grouped items that would typically be shipped to them separately. Kitting saves your team time by cutting out the need to sort and group your supplies. We do the organizing for you, so you’re better equipped to put your supplies to work right from delivery.


  • Eliminates Search Time
  • Reduces the Hassle of Individual Item Deliveries
  • Improves Organization on the Work Floor
  • Improves Control and Reliability
  • Saves Space with Smarter Packaging

Our kits are customized to meet your exact needs, for everything from simple to complex assemblies. Our dedicated team pays careful attention to lot control, labeling, precise quantities, and quality assurance, making sure all your requirements are met.

We customize your kit design to meet all your needs:

  • Custom-designed containers are tailored for your specific needs.
  • Kits can contain everything in your bill of material and beyond.
  • Our kits include a wide range of materials, including:
    • Hardware
    • Tooling
    • Safety Items including clothing
    • Sub-assemblies
    • Tool Kits And more

Tiemann is your complete kitting solution. Contact us today to find out how our kitting service can streamline your supply fulfillment.

Industrial Saw Blades

We have the capabilities to weld blades to perfectly fit your machine, delivering welded blades precisely when you need them.

We are a Certified Weld Center and an established distributor of LENOX saw Blades and Hand Tools, carrying a wide selection of their most popular products.

You can depend on Tiemann Industrial Supply as your authorized Lenox Saw Service Center to stock a complete range of coil stock and saw blades to meet your needs.

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