1930 A Small St. Louis Hardware Shop is Born

A small retail hardware store opened its doors to the public in 1930. Originally intended just for retail shoppers, its prime industrial location in north St. Louis, Missouri attracted many industrial clients.

1950s Focusing Fully on Industrial Clients

By the late 1950's, Tiemann began focusing on industrial supply, actively servicing the unique needs of industrial clients.

1970s Growing Into a Full-Service Provider

By 1970, Tiemann’s reputation within industrial supply was solidified and our successful approach led to over 90% of our sales coming from industrial accounts.

1980s New Technology Improves Purchasing & Fulfillment

Always striving to be on the leading edge of technology, Tiemann piloted EDI as early as the 1980s and was implementing VMI before it was even an industry term.

Today, Tiemann continues to grow as an industrial distributor, carrying a complete range of products for the maintenance, repair, safety, and operations needs of businesses.

1990s A Landmark Decade of Expansion

In 1995, Tiemann was purchased by its present-day owners and under the new ownership became the largest independent full line industrial/safety distributor in St. Louis. This also marked the decade when they introduced the first on-site vending solution machine for companies.

2000s Going Digital

Experiencing added growth from the popularity of in-plant and on-site warehouses, Tiemann introduced integrated supply agreements and added online capabilities.

2010s Beyond the Midwest

Eight years ago, the company launched a new location in Arkansas, which continues to grow rapidly. Developing Affiliate distribution capabilities and being an active participant in supplyFORCE has allowed Tiemann to stretch its reach well beyond the Midwest to service national accounts from coast-to-coast.

TODAY Ecommerce with Ease

Now, in 2020, Tiemann offers an innovative ecommerce solution that brings new capabilities and ease to clients’ ordering process.

Tiemann’s last 25 years have been some of their most revolutionary. During this time, the team launched a new ERP, introduced a new safety division, and built-out the vendor managed inventory model and Tiemann’s vending solution. In 1998, Tiemann installed their first vending solution machine. Today, these same machines can be found all over the region.

In the last 20 years, Tiemann has grown through in-plant and on-site warehouses, introducing integrated supply agreements and added online capabilities. Eight years ago, the company launched a new location in Arkansas, which continues to grow rapidly. Now, in 2020, Tiemann has a new ecommerce solution that brings new capabilities and ease to clients’ ordering process.

In 2020, Tiemann's procurement and distribution system encompasses over 2000 manufacturers and 6000 customers.

Our customer relationships range from simple telephone call-in orders to sophisticated online procurement and fully integrated inventory control systems, which include on-site ordering and stocking.

From the early years to our present, Tiemann’s most important strength is our name & reputation

Through dedication and job success, the founders established relationships that have endured. From then to now with our current team, our focus is on nurturing the relationships we’ve built over the past 90 years and beginning new ones.

We’re Grateful to Our Team

We’re thankful to have a highly-trained and experienced sales staff, including safety and cutting tool specialists.

Our specialists work hard to continually solve customer problems, whether they involve new applications or modifications to existing procedures and products. Their expertise, coupled with superior products from well-known manufacturers, guarantee total performance to our clients.

We at Tiemann believe these relationships continue to grow thanks to our team’s constant attention to serving our customers and delivering products and value better than any competitor in the marketplace.